When Thoughts Turn To Food

Thanksgiving and the holidays is a time when people start thinking about entertaining and food. I for one love a beautifully set table. Family and friends gathered round, sharing and making memories, those are the good things in life. So, with that in mind, I thought I would share some tablescapes I did a while back that were taken at English Living featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Along, with some photo styling I did  recently with photographer Bob Jacquin of Jacquin Photography Studio. I am not a food stylist, I mainly style interiors. But, I do love to cook and was excited to be styling artisan breads and working with Bob on photo art directing.

Here is some more detail. Forks should be on the left then the knife on the right facing towards the plate then the spoons. This was snapped before this was corrected. An easy way to remember this is by how the letters are found in the alphabet F-forks, K-knife, S-spoons.

Here is a fun glam tablescape mixing natural elements with glitzy. Fun for a New Years party .

A little more detail.

Now for artisan bread all golden and textured, very enticing!

Assorted artisan breads.

Artisan bread with brown eggs.

Are you getting hungry?

Time for a turkey sandwich!

Now for a little holiday fun. This YouTube video by Tin Can Troubadours called ” A Turkey Tale” is about holiday leftovers. The single, Turkey Blues is available on iTunes or Amazon.

Click on the link below. Hope you Enjoy!

A Turkey Tale – Tin Can Troubadours- Turkey Blues

2 Responses to “When Thoughts Turn To Food”
  1. Vicki says:

    Love your holiday tablescapes. Beautiful styling.

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