Designing a Swiss Chalet with 1stdibs

1stdibs has just added a new country to their extensive line of dealers, Switzerland. I thought it would be fun to get our “Swiss On” and design a living room in a Swiss chalet using some of 1stdibs new Swiss vendor products. So, maybe we don’t have a few million lying around to buy our very own chalet. But, … Continue reading

50th Anniversary of the Beatles Revolution “Dig It”

Long time ago when things were fab. Four young English lads crossed the pond and came to America and things changed, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”! On February 9th 1964 the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan show “Shakin in the Sixties”  and the fans did “Twist and Shout”.  Art, Music, Fashion all changed and “Honey Pie” … Continue reading

the mod bohemian online design boutique – Alive and Kickin!

Ok, all you design junkies. We are glad to announce the mod bohemian is live! So this is our virtual opening party! So grab your favorite drink and have a toast with us. We have traveled all about and met some fabulous people and sourced some great modern and vintage accent pieces for your love nest. … Continue reading

A Bit of Scandinavian Interior Style

Design Style loves Nordic

I just got back from treasure hunting in the Rockies and I thought I would do a little post on Scandinavian design. I love Nordic Design! This picture is not the Rockies. It’s in Scandinavia and it looks alot like where we were. This cozy little apartment is in Stockholm. Image from homedit. I dig … Continue reading

Fashion For The Environment

Texas Campaign for the Environment had a fundraising fashion show using recycled materials, what a great idea. They challenged  student, professional and local designers to create fashion from trash and other recycled materials. I would love for this to take place here in St. Louis. Since , what seems like another life, I had been … Continue reading

Some of the Best People are Covered in Stone Dust

Kincannon Studios located in Austin Texas is producing some amazing stone work. The studio is an interdisciplinary studio with emphasis on architecture and planning along with sculpture and masonry. On a  recent trip to Austin Texas we toured the studio and tried a little stone carving. It is definitely a craft that would take time, … Continue reading

Artful Interiors & Baby Dolls

At the Duane Reed Gallery here in St. Louis, I came across some interesting art that I thought those of you who are art lovers, like me, would be interested in seeing. One of the current shows is the work of  Michael Eastman. Eastman is showing photographs from his trips to Havana. The photographs are very … Continue reading

In The Beginning…………

“Fill a space in a beautiful way”- Georgia O’Keeffe My very first blog. I thought I would start out with some words of wisdom and some eye candy of the simplicity and style of Geogia O’ Keefe’s amazing home and studio. Since I just returned from a trip to the mountains I thought this was appropriate. Georgia … Continue reading