Design Challenge “New Kitchen – No Money”

Well it’s the start of a new year and I am thinking about kitchens. I have a design challenge of transforming a kitchen with no money. Thank you tax man! Now to muster up all my design savvy  and imagination and get it rolling. The kitchen is small and outdated. But there are some salvageable items. My first step is inspiration. Here are some lovely Scandinavian kitchens.



Like the stools.


Love this one!



Gotta love Scandinavian design. I had decided my color palette is white, black, natural fiber and wood tones with weathered grey, my favorite color palette.  Now to draw up a plan of action. I ‘ll keep updating the  projects progress. Mean while if you have ideas and suggestions on how this challenge can be done, post them.

4 Responses to “Design Challenge “New Kitchen – No Money””
  1. Pat Richardson says:

    I love the clean looks of the Scandinavian kitchens. I have no idea how to transform an outdated kitchen into one of these beauties with no money though. I love the glass fronted cupboards but doubt I would ever be able to keep them looking so neat and tidy. If I never used the kitchen it would be okay though!

  2. Pam Chaney says:

    If anyone can do it, it’s you!

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