Digging the Rusty Gold in Nashville

Let me break the ice by saying I am a big fan of the show Antique Archaeology. I really dig the rusty, old and historic pieces of  American history. I love to incorporate them in my Interior Design and Photo Styling whenever I can. So, when we went on our Horses, Hooch and Hillbilly tour through Kentucky and Tennessee. We were really excited to visit the new Antique Archaeology store in Nashville. The old brick building that the store is located in used to be the old Marathon Automobile factory located a few blocks from downtown Nashville. The building is fab, gotta love old wood floors and weathered red brick.

We were hoping to go in and find Mike, Frank and Danielle standing around talking about their latest finds. Instead we found a lot of cool items and some rusty gold  we saw them pick on the show, that’s fun. We were told Mike Wolf is in the store one to three days a month and Frank and Danielle do show up, about every three to six months. This store as well as the Le Claire Iowa store are Mikes gigs.

The Nashville store carries their restored/repurposed lighting line and the Le Claire store does not. They split the merchandise 50/50 between the stores.

Hey, I remember seeing the episode with the Kiss Me You Fool Pig Head.

So, if you go to Nashville you got to check it out. You never know what you will find. Frank and Mike are on the road 16-21 days a month searching for more rusty gold.

One Response to “Digging the Rusty Gold in Nashville”
  1. kellib says:

    Great post, and fantastic photos. I want to shop this place!

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