Stone & Wood College Update

Last weekend we were at Table Rock Lake and stopped by College of the Ozarks or Hard Work U, as it is called. Since our daughter Jessi had attended a lot has changed. College of the Ozarks has a different philosophy then any other school that I know of. Full time students work instead of paying tuition. They try to be self-sustaining and grow gardens, raise cattle, have their own hospital and airport. It really is an amazing place. But what I wanted to talk about here is the redesign of the Keeter Center were there is lodging, restaurant and meeting rooms. The use of natural elements in the design was really beautiful.


The expansive front porch with stone and wood.

Narly chair and table look like they were made from roots.

Massive stone fireplace and a tree.

Transition of wood to stone floor.

Woven chairs.

Large timber stairs.

Hammered copper lined the walls of the elevator.

Was a lovely space and we really enjoyed our student-made preserves we bought. Yum!

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